Top 3 Student Thinking Strategies for Success

A 6-week course to re-energize and re-direct your teaching and learning to be more effective.

Course Summary

Learn the strategies that students in Top Thinking Schools find most effective in developing critical and creative 21st century thinking.

Take the antidote to passive and rote-driven learning. See how learning can become engaging, empowered and even a “happy space”.

A Real-Life walk into the hearts & minds of Highly Effective Teachers and Learners

Whether you are a school leader, teacher, student or parent, you will discover ways for learning to become more dynamic, effective and motivating.

  • In this course, teachers and students in 2 Top Globally Accredited Thinking Schools will share their passion and processes for learning.
  • Together, we will gain insights into the hearts, minds and lives of highly effective teachers, learners and stakeholders in education
  • You will be inspired to apply these strategies yourself, and see the difference it makes in your teaching and learning!

The First Global Thinking Schools Course of its kind

This is the first global course of its kind, in which you will hear from Student Drive Teams from Grade 1 to 12 who have Active Student Voice in their schools. You will experience first-hand the strategies that have transformed teaching and learning for them, and understand what this might look like and feel like in your school and/or home learning environment.

Thinking Schools South Africa’s CEO Jane McIntyre and Director Dr Craig Blewett are your personal guides on this learning adventure, which is an exemplar of the work they are doing to transform teaching and learning in their country. TSSA works with schools in major cities across South Africa where it is starting to impact on most private schools as well as state schools and government initiatives across the socio-economic spectrum. It re-invests every cent it makes back into supporting South African Communities of Practice from the up-market Houghton suburb of Johannesburg to Khayelitsha and Inanda townships in Cape Town and Durban, whereby schools have ongoing implementation support. TSSA is part of the Global Thinking Schools movement independently accredited by Exeter University (UK), and has ISASA Director Lebogang Montjane on its Board.

This on-line course shows gives you the candid, rich human interaction that goes far beyond any written account of what it means to embed 21st century skills in real-life learning. Jane and Craig designed it with the Student Drive Teams and Leadership of Roedean School and Kingsmead College, to give unscripted conversations and observations from their real teaching and learning worlds. It is accessible to anyone interested in making the process of learning more engaging, empowering and effective at any academic level, and in any subject/curriculum in any country.

What you will learn over the next 6 weeks

The course, which takes 2-3 hours a week, including your own reflective exercises is made up the following modules:

Module One: Growing a Thinking School
We explore the key aspects of developing Student-Owned Thinking Strategies for Success that provide an empowering context in which to do this effectively. Based on The Growth Mindset and how to re-wire the brain for success, we look at how this changes Teaching and Learning. The Exeter University Thinking School definition underpins a Model of Change to create and embed a Culture of Thinking in which learning is an active instead of passive process, with students building independent and collaborative thinking skills.

Module Two: Student Voice
By the end of this module, you will have been exposed to the innovation of Student Drive Teams for Thinking and the impact this has on school life. Students explain their Top 3 Thinking Strategies and why they are so important.

Module Three: Student Strategy #1 – Thinking about our Thinking
In this module, you will unpack the power of Thinking about our Thinking (Metacognition) and how making thinking explicit opens opportunities to re-examine understanding and logic. You will see how learners develop their awareness of themselves as learners, and learn strategies to reflect on and improve learning strategies and outcomes.

Module Four: Student Strategy #2 – Learning from Others
Here we learn about the collaborative learning skills that employers around the world rate most highly. You will see how opportunities for learners and teachers to learn together are richer than what was traditionally termed ‘group work’.

Module Five: Student Strategy #3 – Taking Risks
This session focuses on the value of responsible risk-taking in personal growth and success, and how to create and embrace opportunities that open you and your peers/students up to develop new perspectives and skills.

Module Six: How we know it works
None of this would be worthwhile if we didn’t see results, so now we examine how we know that the approach showcased in this course actually makes a profound difference in student resourcefulness and effectiveness.

Module Seven: What all this means
After completing the course material and the reflective tasks set for you at the end of each module, you will have a clearer vision and deeper understanding of how to re-energize and direct teaching and learning in your context, to be more effective. We leave you with a few practical thoughts about how to take this forward.

We invite you to contact us for more information about this course as well as tailor-made conference presentations and workshops, where-ever you are.

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Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

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